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HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD by Charles Sheffield


edited by Charles Sheffield

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1995
ISBN: 0-312-85577-X
Publisher: Tor

 Thirteen new tales meant to solvescience fictionally, at any ratesome of the chronic and increasingly desperate problems that afflict our world (or reasonable facsimiles thereof). Here, then, are ideas ranging from the predictable to the outrageous, from the comic to the ironic. Jerry Oltion, for instance, considers religion as a contagious disease. Mary Turzillo's characters want to do away with men altogether. James P. Hogan wonders what might happen if each of us were given the power to zap anyone who really made us mad. Brenda Clough eliminates racial hatred by forcing everyone to interbreed. And what with rapid advances in genetic engineering, Geoffrey Landis outlines some of the things we could do, and asks whether we should. Entertaining pipe dreams, with one or two practical nuggets.