HEALTHY KIDS FOR LIFE by Charles T. Kuntzleman


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Sound advice on children's exercise and nutritional needs--but families may find this too structured to be practicable. Kuntzleman is director of a children's cardiovascular fitness program called the Feelin' Good Program, and the regimen presented here is based on that work. He does caution parents at the outset: ""Don't get caught up in a drill sergeant mentality. . . Stay loose. . .Keep the pleasure part up and the 'pain' part low."" But the program is tough. After pointing out that many children now are abysmally unfit, Kuntzleman lays out detailed family self-tests for endurance, strength, flexibility, and body composition. Based on the results, families can then plan a ""Fitness Solution."" Kuntzleman's exercise programs are rigorous, and can begin at the ages of 1-to-2 months (""When Dad grabs baby and lifts him over his head, he is teaching Junior the joys of fitness""). After presenting his exercise program, the author covers the ""Training Table""--an overview of how to improve children's diets. An important point here, too rarely made, is the appalling nutritional quality of most school lunch programs. Finally, Kuntzleman has suggestions for ""Where Do We Go From Here?""--developing a more healthy life-style, and getting the most out of organized fitness programs. Kuntzleman has a well-based program laid out here. Strongly motivated families will find it a help in raising physically fit kids.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1988
Publisher: Simon & Schuster