DIET FREE! by Charles T. Kuntzleman


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Lose Pounds and Inches the Activities Way A pleasant, chatty pitch for using exercise rather than dieting for weight loss and improved health--more ingratiating, but less solidly informative, than Katahn (above). Kuntzleman (Maximum Personal Energy, Rating the Exercises) agrees with Jean Mayer that inactivity is a primary cause of obesity; and his wall-founded arguments will go over big with those who abhor dieting. The basic program (adopted by the YMCA and some corporations) calls for determining caloric intake and, from that, ascertaining the level of caloric output required to maintain or lose weight--one which can be achieved in 30 minutes of exercise four times a week. Kuntzleman presents his own sex-level exercise regimen; but he gives far more attention to the four ""best"" exercises (walking, running, swimming, bicycling) and other popular physical activities, so that readers can arrange their own choices into the desired program. The presentation is rounded out with the customary supports: why fad dieting won't work; how to tell if you're really fat; why exercise is good for you; how to stick with your program. (Plus: little do's and don'ts that add up--like ""NEVER USE A MACHINE WHEN YOU CAN USE BODY POWER INSTEAD."") Fittingly, Kuntzleman's lengthy chapter on nutrition emphasizes a well-balanced, not low-calorie diet. Friendly guidance perked up with odd bits of information.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1982
Publisher: Rodale