IN TOUCH: Letters for a Journal by Charles Trueheart

IN TOUCH: Letters for a Journal

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Young Mr. Trueheart, just out of Exeter and into college, has collected if not his best thoughts and impressions, at least his postures, in a series of letters. He is precociously articulate, ingenuously amusing and genuinely charming but rather a strain to be with throughout this book's length. He discusses life along the way as he lives it and feels it: ""My life is kind of sleeping through a barrage of meteors. I open my eye every once in a while to see, swallow and digest one chunk. . . ."" Open he does, occasionally for religion (Episcopal), social work (playing with young ghetto kids which he enjoys), memorabilia (""God help me to succeed in Exeter, in college, in life""), Paris and spats with friends. He loves his parents (between giant irritations), is nervous at an excess of drugs, sex and unwashed peers, and he's vulnerable to any hint of hostile pressures. A perseverant, youthful exposure of an enduring if presently threatened upper caste species.

Pub Date: March 8th, 1971
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin