A FAITH FOR THE NATIONS by Charles W. Forman


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Another volume in Westminster's excellent series of theological books for Laymen. Here the concern of the author, Dr. Charles W. Forman, is to study the bedrock basis for human unity. It is to be found not in similarities in common information, or like interests, or proximity, for those are all linked with points of difference which can be used as supports for division. The deeper foundation for human unity is to be found only in the knowledge that men are brothers, a conviction that God has created all men as brother, and that it is God's will that all men should live in unity, with love and concern for each other. In particular, it is the Christian revelation of God in Christ which speaks to and answers the need of the human situation; it is in fact a faith for the nations, and Dr. Forman presents a cogent and winning case for the Christian faith. Laymen, and clergy too, may read this book with great profit in a closely knit world made smaller still by manmade satellites.

Publisher: Westminster