CROSS AND CRISIS IN JAPAN by Charles W. Iglehart


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A friendly book about the Christian Church in Japan written by one who evidently likes the Japanese people. Although only about one in every two hundred is a Christian, the Christian Church, like the rudder of a ship, has an influence upon the nation's direction out of all proportion to its size. Dr. Iglehart looks at the Japanese Church as it survived the second world war, poor but undismayed, he looks back through history and traces the development of the Christian Church there from its earliest days. He introduces and reintroduces unknown and well-known Japanese Christian leaders, and indicates how we of the West may share with them in one common faith, the common experience of passing through the door of today's crisis into the tomorrow of fulfillment ""under the Cross"". A book for the missionary minded and study-groups whose concern is the spread of Christianity everywhere under the sun, especially the rising sun.

Publisher: Friendship Press