"DOW 100,000 FACT OR FICTION" by Charles W. Kadlec


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A positive scenario for the future of the stock market. While many economic forecasters fret over the inflated value of stocks, at least one believes that the market still has a long way to grow. Kadlec, a professional investment strategist, creates a strong and positive argument for further advancement over the next several decades in most areas of business, a period he refers to as ""The Great Prosperity."" This argument is infectious and upbeat, but the author's intent is more than cheerleading. He bases his work on a sober analysis of history, economic systems past and present, and current trends in politics and business, both local and global. Discussion is based on probability, not certainty, and he emphasizes various dangers and pitfalls that can endanger further growth, even though the overall message clearly weighs heavier on the side of prosperity than collapse. The message is informative and provides a clear set of lessons on the basic underpinnings of economic systems as they function today. For those inclined to accept the author's premise, there are also simple guidelines for investors that are aimed at maximizing the effects of this future expansion. And other guidelines are designed to help all observers participate in a predictive exercise: lists of positive and negative signs that are strong indicators of continuing expansion or presages of economic downturns. Lower tax rates and an increasing number of countries committed to stable exchange rates, for example, are positives, while solving the Medicare funding dilemma and imposing tariffs on foreign trade are on the short list for causing problems. One minor negative: some of the investment strategies and tools included here come from the author's company and are a bit too promotional for an otherwise objective work. The author states that this is not ""a prophecy of the future,"" but it is also more than mere speculation. Definitely worth investigating, if only for the economic education.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1999
ISBN: ---
Page count: 288pp
Publisher: Prentice Hall