AMAZON TOWN by Charles Wagley


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In a socio-anthropological study made possible by UNESCO and aligned with the present concern about under-developed areas and Point Four possibilities, Mr. Wagley analyses a small town on the Lower Amazon. His case town, called ""Ita"" here, affords the reader a sample of regional attributes-technically and culturally- and of the problems of man living in the tropics. The work and play activities, social system, history, custom, beliefs, cultural attainments of the people are presented in a full, concise report. Mr. Wagley uses his case study to advantage as he relates it to the larger problems of the region, of tropical living, of aid from outside the area. His use of other anthropological-sociological studies, as in his comparison of ""Ita"" with Plainville, and the report itself with its commentary mark the book as valuable for those involved in world planning- professionals, students and perhaps a stray world-minded housewife here and there.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1953
Publisher: Macmillan