ALL HALLOWS' EVE by Charles Williams


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The author of Descent into Hell and War In Heaven writes of post-war England and some of its people, living and dead. The action skids in and out of London, in and out of Purgatory, in and out of reality. It is a fantastic tale for the most part, having to do with a priest of Christ- like proportions, who is capable of Merlin-like sorcery and has a large following among the living and the ghosts. Jonathan, the artist, paints the priest as a beetle leading a flock of beetles; Betty, the priest's daughter, does what she can to dissuade him from using her as messenger to the death world; dead Lester, a schoolmate of Betty's, messes up the priest's plans when he attempts to make a human sacrifice of his daughter; Lester's ghost companion, Evelyn, makes the priest transform her into a dwarfed, middle-aged woman...A motley of incredible characters, presented for the most part in a style that is confused and obscure. When Williams writes simply- which is rare- he merits the comparison made to Kafka; he can handle the unreal in a realistic manner. This- plus the introduction by T.S. Eliot- may persuade an intellectual audience that this is their meat.

ISBN: 1573831107
Publisher: Pellegrini & Cudahy