MANY DIMENSIONS by Charles Williams


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Another posthumous novel by the author of All Hallows Eve and Descent Into Hell, both of which have been highly revered by T. S. Eliot. Obsessed by the basic and eternal struggle between good and evil as it manifests itself in the living world and in the world of fantasy Mr. Williams putters around with these problems in a philosophical, logistic, religious and always unique fashion. Unlike Milton's Parad se Lost, Williams has the ability of making good more attractive and more interesting than evil..... In this one, the point of arrestment centers on a wondrous, miraculous stone of divine properties which once belonged to the Crown of Suleiman, the carpet-flying King in Jerusalem. The periphery of this fantasy consists of a group of English folk who are affected by the stone's good and evil propensities: Sir Giles, the archaeologist, sees that it will move him through time, space and thought and wishes to use it for diabolical experiments and for control of the world; the American capitalist, Mr. Sheldrake, wishes to control world transportation; the Mayor of Rich wishes to use it for curative purposes; Chief Justice, Lord Arglay and Chloe Burnett, his secretary, see the stone as a way to religious consummation and to God... On a strictly metaphysical, abstract level, this is a horrifying, suspended, strange interlude between worlds that will have an intellectual appeal.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1949
ISBN: 080281221X
Publisher: Pellegrini & Cudahy