THE GREATER TRUMPS by Charles Williams


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And still another Charles Williams which focusses on a pack of cards known as ""the Greater Trumps"" and which concerns the following: Mr. Coningsby, a petulant patrician who owns them; his daughter, Nancy, a typical Young Person with a certain curiosity to investigate the unknown; her fiance, Henry Lee, a gypsy, a conjurer, whose mind exists on dark, untrampled plains; Henry's grandfather, Aaron Lee, who lives in quiet and marbled splendour with the one hope of securing his original pack of cards; his sister, Joanna, a kind of mad dog waiting at the gates of Hell; and pure white Aunt Sybil Coningsby who is given the power to glimpse at major secrets of the universe. These influential cards are the ""meaning of all process and the measure of the everlasting dance"", and the Dance consists of figures (which correspond to the figures on the cards) and which perpetually move on a gold table in the house of Henry's grandfather. These figures are lit by an eternal light, and when brought together, the moving figures and the pack of tarot cards can reveal the fortunes of the world... Not readily understood, this is again a fantasy of a very high order which will appeal to Williams' regular readers.

Publisher: Pellegrini & Cudahy