THE WIG by Charles Wright


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The Wig is set (no pun intended) in an America of tomorrow. Lester Jefferson, a twenty-one year old Negro lives there. Not much has changed. In Harlem, policemen tote billy sticks adorned with lilies-of-the-valley and don ""sharp brimmed fascist helmets"" inscribed WE ARE OUR BROTHER'S KEEPER. Lester, who lives in a broken down rooming house, who has worked around for years, and who watched his father die while printing the letter Z, gets a cerebral tom tom message one morning to develop an acquisitional gimmick"" and make it. He begins by ""conking"" his hair with a product called Silky Smooth. And the newly bewigged young man intones, ""Yes, I wanna tell you, I can sweat until Judgment Day and no grease will run down my face."" He confidently begins his American dream odyssey accompanied by a brown skinned, effete ex-Hollywood Sambo to whom Congressmen had once sung, ""For he's a jolly good nigger."" In a series of picaresque, ethnic Happenings, Lester visits with Miss Sandra Hanover (nee Alvin Brown), in high drag with five o'clock shadow; with an old whore who has continuous hysterical labor pains, and with a necrophiliac undertaker--combination Godot, Devil and The Man--who finally emasculates him. Very funny and tremendously effective once or twice, but the rest is chaos.

ISBN: 1562791273
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux