SEND FOR MISS CORA by Charley Robertson


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Slow-paced, romantic story of a young man, set against the tobacco lands of the South, and the two forces that shaped his life,- an unexplained attraction for old Miss Cora and a passionate desire to avenge his father's death by the Night Riders. Teenaged Lonnie was left an orphaned sharecropper on the farm of Bayless Calhoun, and grew up amidst battles for control of tobacco outlets and struggles to produce crops that made profits. Complicating Lennie's adolescent development were the advances of a Calhoun daughter and Lennie's devotion to Aunt Cora, who held a mysterious position in the household. But in the end, Lennie, in love with Calhoun's daughter, learns that Calhoun killed his father and had Miss Cora as his mistress. And Lennie goes away to get a new start elsewhere. Competent story telling-but little to place it above the ordinary.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1947
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock