JOLLY CHOLLY'S STORY by Charlie & Ed Prell Grimm


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Jolly Cholly is Charlie Grimm who spent most of his fifty years in baseball with the Chicago Cubs (player first, manager later) and although he was known as an ""instant comedian"" (Bill Veeck in his introduction) perhaps it was partly as a rebuttal of his last name?. In any case his Jollyness does not extend to the flip quip or the feisty idiom of say Stengel here in in print; no doubt he's mellowed, since most of this is an amiable rundown of his years in baseball, with tributes. Veeck, Roger Hornsby, Babe Herman, Dizzy Dean figure among some of the other greats. . . . Wrigley Field bubble gum for those who remember, certainly in the area.

Pub Date: June 5th, 1968
Publisher: Regnery