HOW TO STAY IN LOVE by Charlie & Martha Shedd Shedd


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The Shedds are back sticking their fingers in dikes, this time mostly with material gleaned from their newspaper readership. Everybody has a favorite little trick for making spousie a little more comfy or communicating a little more effectively: ""We think staying in love is a bunch of little things""--meaning, in this case, that the spouse who rises first in the morning leaves a little squeezed toothpaste on the brush of spouse number two. As usual, the Shedds don't quite know what world they want to live in; Martha is forever giving Charlie a lesson in her need for individuality, but in the next breath both are endorsing such husbandly reassurances as ""You're the most valuable-member of our outfit, a true domestic engineer"" (a line that few women today would swoon over). And what about the contradiction of the woman who took up bowling, her husband's passion, to be a good sport--followed by the man who gave up half his Monday night football-watching to treat his wife to ""adult"" conversation! All these hints are meant to be little catalyzing nuggets, but even when followed by ""questionnaires"" to pinpoint problems they are just too trifling to halt the onrush of real trouble.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1980
Publisher: Andrews & McMeel