TIME FOR ALL THINGS by Charlie W. Shell


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The today is against the lack of time. This is a little book that carries its own lesson their is time for all things"" provided one makes one's life God centered. What counts is not what we are able to accomplish but what God can do through us. Outer action and inner simultancounty; one must simply be aware of Christ as a living presence let the holy spirit function. God has a plan for us, if we are content (if not satisfied) let go. Set aside moments for quick; neck out your own power, and you will find new powers of concentration, new staying power, new freedom from fear. There's a right way to look ahead, while using today, planning tomorrow, for fuller companionship, better service, total commitment. Learn to be flexible, to neck serenity, to be courteous of interruption, to live in God's love and joy. This is a straightforward plea for learning how to be in the right relationship to God.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1962
Publisher: Abingdon Press