THE GIFT SHOP by Charlotte Armstrong
Kirkus Star


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KIRKUS REVIEW a prize package with a far out plot and fine usual. Three little piggy banks are on a very hot market since one of them contains a message that may lead to the whereabouts of tycoon Paul Fairchild's missing daughter. The girl was a product of a secret (legal) union eight years before. Meanwhile his three grown sons Tom, Dick and Harry (delighted at the prospect, of a half-sister) are on the spot. Tom is governor of the state and a gang of killers are out to kidnap the girl in the hopes of blackmailing. Tom into reprieving their leader who is headed for the death house. But it's young Harry, ""healthy, wealthy, unmarried,"" who finds out about the message and chases children all over Europe and the U.S. Helping him out is one whale of a girl, Jean Cunliffe, who accidentally, sold the, piggy banks and who manages in the course of the action to pretend to be a medium in an Irish castle and, always one step to...? Logically absurd, absorbing...much fun.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1967
Publisher: Coward-McCann