SEVEN SEATS TO THE MOON by Charlotte Armstrong


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Meet J. Middleton Little, a middle class middle man who always seems to be some-where in between-in particular in this case when he accidentally overhears a weird conversation; subsequently is offered, literally, seven seats to the moon (enough for his immediate family). ""J"" is nonplussed. . . should he believe? And again ""He didn't know enough. . . on the other hand, he knew too much."" And there are agents and counter-agents trying to find out just what he does know. If the reader is caught up in the heady idea of an entire select earth colony taking off for the moon just before Armageddon, he'll be brought down to earth fast as Miss Armstrong slyly reveals that the whole thing is just a cover-up for an international gathering of scientists. . . a meeting that at least one madman is trying to destroy. In the meantime ""J"" is left to his vision and his quandary and to the everyday affairs of his family with his scheming son, his willful spoiled adolescent daughter, his religious fanatic of a mother-in-law and his own naive, nutty father. While the villains come up with one of the most obvious, blundering spies possible. You'll keep reading right up to the oddly unaccountable ending, but this is not one of the author's best trips.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1969
Publisher: Coward-McCann