LEMON IN THE BASKET by Charlotte Armstrong


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The Tyler family was as a whole ""handsome and civilized and worthy Of paradise."" ""Very Important People."" etc. There is only one ""lemon in the basket,"" according to his wife, no peach herself, and that's Rufus, decidedly ordinary. A beer drinker. But the lemon doesn't really sour until the family is involved in an international emergency. The young prince of Alalaf, a foreign country belligerently hostile to the U.S. is sent to America for emergency treatment by young doctor Tyler. In the meantime, innocent Americans are being held as hostages until his safe return The visit is supposed to be ultra-secret but Rufus spills the beans. Unable to comprehend the consequences or his family's disapproval, Rufus is goaded by his wife into the realization of one thing...here is his opportunity to make the history books. And so are wars almost born according to Miss Armstrong in a disappointing effort.

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1967
Publisher: Coward-McCann