THE SCIENCE OF GENETICS by Charlotte Auerbach


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A clear but quite scientific discussion of what the dictionary defines as the ""tendency of like to beget like"", this makes the bridge from the genetic laws which Mendel first articulated to the trails they may- or may not- determine. Along with the calculable risks, there are still many unknowns. While genetics is a fairly complex science, Dr. Auerbach's clear text along with 75 line drawings should help to clarify it for the interested reader and her survey ranges from the present day knowledge of dominant and lethal genes, to human blood groups (and possible counseling for certain legacies), positive versus negative eugenics, sex determination and transmission, twins- the ideal testing ground for the ""nature-nurture"" problem), the chemistry of the genes, mutation, etc. While not as popular a presentation as You and Heredity which appeared many years ago, it is an authoritative documentation of the scientific game of chance, with a good deal of illustrative material on its application in animal and plant breeding.

Pub Date: July 19th, 1961
Publisher: Harper