THOMAS, THE SHIP'S CAT by Charlotte Baker
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. . . belonged to Miss Tansie, a coquettish maiden lady. Captain Crabbe, her salty old suitor, wanted to buy the big house on Broad Street and settle down after one more voyage. But he needed Miss Tansie's cat, Thomas, to keep rats off his ship, the Fortune. Thomas proves himself the most versatile member of the crew in a series of truly fresh, wonderfully original episodes. The crew consists of characters worthy of Gilbert and Sullivan- Mr. Heave and Mr. Hoe among others. Thomas' adventures acquire momentum at ports of call- in Mumbo Jumbo, North Africa and on the cannibal island where he bests King Hullaballoo and cures a cannibal princess of the measles. His exotic adventures climax gloriously as he shows up the predatory Widow Sweet, who has set her cap for Captain Crabbe. This one will have younger readers or listeners chucking.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1958
Publisher: David McKay