NECESSARY NELLIE by Charlotte Baker
Kirkus Star


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A story of a Mexican-American family in San Antonio and a study in good fellowship -- neighborliness -- and very real people of all ages. Nellie was a stray pup adopted into a family that couldn't really afford to feed an extra mouth, but that couldn't afford to do without the love that bound them to the pup. It is a story that might well have degenerated into sentimentality, as the judge comes to the children's rescue --and Nellie's -- when the license must be paid; and when Nellie proves herself necessary when she finds a mysterious five dollar bill which helps take care of her puppies, and finally when she digs up the long lost Mission bell and paid her debt to the community many times over. But never for a moment does the story lose a rather casual, friendly, unsentimental quality. I liked it. Third and fourth grade.

Publisher: Coward, McCann