THE IGLOO by Charlotte & David Yue Yue


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The Yues have already given us useful, well-illustrated overviews of Pueblo Indian homes and the tepees of the Plains Indians. Here, Eskimo igloos and the Eskimos themselves are covered in the same workmanlike way. While the bleak North limits living conditions, the Eskimos live in a variety of houses throughout the year and over a wide area; the igloo is a temporary dwelling for the winter hunt, primarily in northern central Canada The authors' focus is somewhat blurred by covering so great an area of information, although the information given is thorough, concrete, and not without occasional grace: a sledge is described ""winding its way through crystal mazes formed by the ice and snow."" The Eskimos' interdependence and strength, as well as their ingenuity in making so much from so little, are emphasized. A section on Eskimos today explains that igloos are history. The many clear, black-and-white diagrams and drawings complement and substantially extend the text. Bibliography; index.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1988
Page count: 128pp
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin