THE RIGHT PLACE FOR LOVE by Charlotte Edwards


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Some fullblown, homegrown dramas are played out in a small southern town which-if it is the right place for love- is also a fairly fertile area for other outspoken emotions. Anne and Paul Beecham come to Marshville when Paul buys a newspaper, and Anne -- after the loss of two babies and one infidelity on Paul's part is indifferent to life from then on. There the natives are friendly; Walter Arrington who heads a knitting mills which is his ruling passion while he entertains only tenderness for his wife; Margaret Arrington, whose constant headaches started with the realization that her husband no longer needs her; Bert Young, a doctor, destroyed by the taunting, unloving Jenny who is also the ruin of Marcus Blake- a lush, who is writing out his hatred of Jenny in a novel. Jenny's repudiation by Marcus impels her to burn his book- and this in turn causes the drunken accident in which he loses his life; Bert decides to kill her but succumbs to a stroke; a factory fire wipes out Arrington's lifework but returns him to Margaret; Anne takes in an unwanted child and learns to love again; Margaret Arrington has the operation which will restore her vision- all this generates more than a little hypertension -- you might even say hysteria... A first novel by a writer who has had her basic training in the short story field (Collier's) and a flushed entertainment for women. Rentals.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1953
Publisher: McGraw-Hill