CORONET AMONG THE WEEDS by Charlotte Hingham


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Innocence investigates experience and remains intact in this spirited excursion into life by a young lady who agrees with the French that all little girls are born women. The daughter of a Lord, de-moneyed but an aristocrat, she has a delightful love affair with life as she searches for a superman. But the world is full of weeds--smooth slugs, pimply ones, married men, bronze types (the devil will be a complete weed with wet hands). The older man routine ends when the actor she has done Paris with devastatingly marries an older woman of at least twenty-five; her beatnik stage is cut short when the only nice one, Herb, is run over. So it goes. As our narrator takes on pot au feu in Paris, the International Set and an Italian prince in the South of France, secretary and modelling school and the deb bit in London, she has the way of the very young in looking in on life without getting caught out. The elixir here is youth, and those who have a taste for it will forgive the callow inconsequences.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1963
Publisher: Random House