MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE by Charlotte Holt Clinebell


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Ms. Clinebell and her clergyman husband wrote The Intimate Marriage in 1970 in which they set forth a Maslovian prospectus based on creative, mutually flexible interaction; now that she has discovered Women's Lib she successfully grafts a new concept on to her continuing concern with marriage as a growth in intimacy. Mutual fulfillment and rewarding parenthood are best realized through an interplay of truly free spirits which the traditional adherence to sexual stereotypes inhibits. Female and male role playing of the old school with its submission/domination patterns have not only forced both men and women into life styles which are often inherently uncongenial but also wasteful of human potential. Clinebell gets down to cases -- her own childhood training (""Don't be smarter than the boys""), thorny moments in a generally very happy marriage (she felt guilt when she wasn't ""doing for""), her growing ability to see herself as a person, not ""just a woman."" Along with discussions of liberation in marriage, sex, work, society, etc., she advances the intriguing if tenuous thesis that as women participate more in politics and therefore become more ""valued,"" the traditional ""feminine"" traits of giving and caring will become more prized. Mr. Clinebell, bearing up, writes a bravely approving response. Intelligent, unscarifying and undeniably parish-house respectable.

Pub Date: June 20th, 1973
Publisher: Harper & Row