SECOND SIGHT: A Miraculous Story of Vision Regained by Charlotte & Lester David Sanford

SECOND SIGHT: A Miraculous Story of Vision Regained

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This slow-moving autobiography tells the story of Kansas-born and bred Charlotte Sanford, who at the age of nine contracted an eye disease that progressively weakened her eyes until--as a young woman with a husband and child--she woke up one day completely blind. The rest of the story catalogues the practical difficulties and emotional devastation of 15 years spent coping with blindness--while raising three children, keeping active in the community, running a business, and eventually being deserted by a husband who could no longer stand the strain of being her ""eyes."" There are some of the moments of despair that are staples of the Courage-Faith-Triumph genre--thoughts of suicide, and rededication to the way of Jesus just in the nick of time. Eventually, an accidental visit to a new eye doctor produces a successful operation that enables her to see. But while one can sympathize with the bare facts, there is little in the tone of the account to elicit emotional involvement. Mrs. Sanford's voice and preoccupations come through as rather pedestrian (""Maybe romance had seeped out of our marriage""), and her story is told as if through a haze.

Pub Date: June 11th, 1979
Publisher: Evans