HEADS I WIN-TAILS YOU LOSE by Charlotte Olmsted


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A trained psychologist and social anthropologist has gathered some interesting material on why a fool and his money are soon parted, and while it is specialized in interest, it is not in approach. From earlier centuries to the present, there are the implications in the games as they relate to the player (chess has an ""almost paranoid"" quality; poker expresses sexuality; twenty-one, dominance-dependency drives.) There are special connotations to each card and suit in the pack- spades- aggression; hearts of course love. The writer disagrees with Bergler's interpretation that the gambler's psychic stance is passive; gambling is an outlet and a symptom of stress; it is most frequently an indication of impotence and inadequacy; and it is obviously a self-punishing routine. She discusses who gambles (kings, beggars and the urban proletariat); its morality; its legality; its controls- not very workable; the gambler's wife- i.e. longsuffering; remedial techniques, Gamblers Anonymous, therapy, but primarily the restoration of the gambler's self respect and self confidence, so that he will be re-directed. Faites vos jeux- but now you can do so advisedly.

Publisher: Macmillan