HEAR MY HEART SPEAK by Charlotte Paul


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A selection of the Family Bookshelf for April, this has the expected qualities of warmth, familiarity and a certain countrified simplicity. When Spence Atkins returns home in 1918 to a small town in northern Wisconsin, it is with the loss of his powers of speech and to the disappointment of the loss of his girl who marries another boy. As the years pass on. Spence tries all remedies which might help him, subjects himself to some pretty impossible promises of a quick cure, and is always failed. With his meeting with Phoebe Thankful Smith, daughter of an itinerant revivalist, Phoebe claims that only faith in God can help him, tries to bring him to belief. But Spence holds out against Phoebe and her religion, finally finds a cure through a new drug administered in a Veterans' hospital. And it is the local, friendly country doctor who reconciles faith and science for Spence and clears the way for his marriage to Phoebe. Comfortable, comforting.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1950
Publisher: Messner