THE GLITTERATI by Charlotte Payne


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Serena Carr, 21, sprung from lushly rich Southern parents and now modeling-bound in Manhattan, presents her elegant self at the doorstep of Antonie Mallini, top fashion photographer--and so begins a series of sleazy encounters obviously fashioned for the Scruples/Daisy audience. Mallini himself is hoping to offer sensuous Serena as a goodie to his bisexual lover Gordon. But Serena will get protective advice--from the brassy heart-of-gold head of the model agency. However, heart-of-gold's own husband Tim is entangled with model Zoe--a victim of fatherly incest who (deprived of Tim) settles happily for Serena's father (his nympho wife commits suicide). And don't forget Mallini's wife Marvena (love but no sex), who is blackmailed into s/m gymnastics by Peter (a doctor!). Meanwhile, back to Serena--who's holding off Gordon (remember?) while she's winning over tough Sybil Singlehurst, famous editor of Milady magazine. Finally Serena fails for author Joseph Allen; so they, and this squashy tale, climax in Tangiers--where Sybil brings Serena and Mallini (who's found an Arab boy) into happy professional collaboration. Former model Payne provides a trace of modeling-biz authentica here and there, but mainly this is limp smutterati--for undemanding voyeurs only.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1980
Publisher: Morrow