ONE DUCK, ANOTHER DUCK by Charlotte Pomerantz
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With Pomerantz, you know that one won't merely lead to two--and with Aruego and Dewey, you can be sure that the pictures will no more be cut-and-dried than the text. This is a counting escapade with aplomb. Danny and his grandmother, two owls, go to the pond, where they see a mother duck with her babies. ""One duck, another duck, another duck, another duck,"" begins Danny. Chided, he starts again: ""One duck, another duck""--then, overleaf: ""Two ducks, another duck. . . Three ducks, another duck. . . ."" But after five ducks, there isn't another: there's a swan. (""One swan,"" says Grandmother, ""is not enough to count."") At nine ducks, Grandmother tells Danny no more--only to have the father duck flap in. And now Danny can't have enough counting: when Grandma flies him away from the oncoming brood of swans, he turns his mind to counting the stars. A toddler's counting mania, captivatingly summed up.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1984
Publisher: Greenwillow