KAROLEENA by Charlotte Steiner
Kirkus Star


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* . . . is an endearing little girl who is just naughty enough to strike a chord of recognition in most young readers' hearts. Karoleena did not live in America. Though the text does not specify, the implication is that the locale is a Swiss, or possibly a Bavarian village. Karoleena's curiosity and adventurous spirit caused havoc in the village market place when she tried to make two chickens, trussed for sale, more comfortable. But arrival of Miss Freeda, the new governess, brought happy companionship. When the goat ate Karoleena's fine straw hat, Miss Freeda and Karoleena both laughed. There is verisimilitude plus an affinity for the pranks and peccadillos of small girls, with a pleasing portrayal of one child's happy relationship to her governess.

Publisher: Doubleday