TERRY WRITES A LETTER by Charlotte Steiner
Kirkus Star


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The uncomplicated friendship of Ted and Terry, two children not quite old enough to go to school, is pictured by Charlotte Steiner in all its fresh richness. Filled with curiosity and enthusiasm, the little girl and boy live totally absorbed by each other and the world of toys, make believe garden parties, pets, flowers and all the other wonders which daily reveal themselves to two happy children. So enthralled is Terry by what she sees and so eager to use her new pencil, that she writes it all down in a letter to Ted, not with words, but with a string of revealing pictures. The author, who has written many admirable books for young children, through simple words and tender drawings evokes a mood of adventure within a framework of gentle familiarity.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1958
Publisher: Macmillan