I AM ANDY: You Tell-A-Story-Book by Charlotte Steiner
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I AM ANDY: You Tell-A-Story-Book

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Without a single word, Charlotte Steiner proves that skillful illustrations alone can convey all that is needed to tell a successful story. Here are some dozen adventures, each related in five frames and each a tribute to the ingenuity of little Andy. A case of giggles is in store for any child (or adult) who watches Andy solve the problems of his environment. How he deals with a puppy who outgrows the doghouse, how, in a dream, he wins over the creatures of another planet, how, as a baby-sitter, he puts Junior to sleep, what ingenious use he makes of a sled in the Spring are only a few examples of Andy's intelligence and humor. Young ""readers"" are encouraged to develop their own verbal skills by telling the stories in their own words.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1961
Publisher: Knopf