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MY GRANDSON LEW by Charlotte Zolotow


by Charlotte Zolotow

Pub Date: March 1st, 1974
ISBN: 0064435490
Publisher: Harper & Row

Though he was only two when Grandpa died, Lewis at six suddenly remembers him, and calls his mother to his room in the night to tell her about how he misses him. He recalls how Grandpa would come at night when Lew called and give him "eye hugs" and even how he took him to a museum to look at pictures, and Lew's mother who misses him too says "now we will remember him together and neither of us will be so lonely as we would be if we had to remember him alone." The warm, shimmering pictures will no doubt help to make this as popular as Zolotow's other tender memories, though personally we could do without those "eye hugs" particularly since William Pene Du Bogs makes them look like maniacal gleams from some bearded, white robed ghost.