NEGAHOLICS: How to Overcome Your Addiction to Nega by Chérie U. Carter-Scott

NEGAHOLICS: How to Overcome Your Addiction to Nega

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An assortment of fairly simple techniques to eliminate the negative and emphasize the positive, plus a smidgen of New Age inner-self delving. President of a firm "specializing in personal growth and professional training programs," Carter-Scott contends that self-negation is addictive: it releases opiate peptides into the system, producing euphoria. The trick is to restructure mental processes, emotions and behavior into more constructive and life-fulfilling channels. List daily at least ten accomplishments and congratulate yourself for each one; rethink the past in positive terms, downplaying its shortcomings; "build a support team of personal cheerleaders"; etc. Also, get in touch with your "spiritual DNA," which reveals "your self needs for well-being from moment to moment." Here, the author restricts herself to case histories and doesn't tell us how to make the connection. Carter-Scott admits that her methods sound "simplistic," but says they work. Could be: she's conducted executive workshops for IBM, American Express, and other corporations.

ISBN: 394-57464-8
Publisher: Villard
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