GYPSY MELODY by Chesley Kahmann
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Romance for the teens with the unusual background of the bizarre life of the gypsies. Reni's life- along with that of her tribe- is ruled by the firm hand of her grandmother, and readers learn much of the code of the Romany folk, their amazing combination of deep feeling for the warm and beautiful in life, their integrity of spirit, and yet their pride in skill in bargaining, in getting the better of any goys- any non-gypsies. Their wanderings take them from New Jersey to New York and then to North Carolina. When Reni's young man leaves the tribe to enlist in the army, Reni is hurt and angry at what seems his betrayal, but little by little accepts his viewpoint, finds she too can make friends and success in music outside the tribe. As the story ends, they are married and the old and new ways of life are blended. A mature story, humorous at times, with excellent characterization and topnotch writing. An unusual story for middle teens.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1949
Publisher: Random House