THE TWENTY YEAR REVOLUTION; From Roosevelt to Eisenhower by Chesly Manly

THE TWENTY YEAR REVOLUTION; From Roosevelt to Eisenhower

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The U N Correspondent of the Chicago Tribune leaves practically no part of government operation untouched from the advent of the New Deal through the first year of the Eisenhower administration in his revelations of ""diplomatic relations with an implacable enemy; subversion of national policies by collectivist legal and economic ""experts""; wilful toleration of communist infiltration into the government; active encouragement of such infiltration into the labor unions; reliance upon the Communists for political support."" Our economic system is -- he feels- going the way of the Marxist-Leninist promised land. Nobody is too highly placed to escape vilification if Manly's ""evidence"" warrants it. General Marshall is left no shred of honor or distinction. The Dulles brothers come in for full measure of attack, along with- of course- Acheson and virtually the whole State Department. The U N he views as a conspiracy to control the U.S.A. and establish a totalitarian society (with Alger Hiss for a long time in the driver's seat). He cites example after example today of ""incredible unconcern about the communist conspiracy on the part of executive agencies under the Eisenhower administration"". The foreign policy he feels stems directly from the years just past. He sees no hope of the promised change. Finally, after naming names and making charges with the abandon of Under Cover and Washington Confidential (to name two best sellers), he arrives at his solution, endorsement of a new political party, christened by Col. McCormick, the ""American party"". This is ""the party for the Taft Republicans and the conservative Democrats of the South"", and he outlines the main planks of its platform.... A sure best seller in the Flynn ranks of readers.

Publisher: Regnery