THE  by Chester Bowles


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This book contains selected articles and statements by a leading public servant on such subjects as Soviet Russia, China, Africa and Latin America, assistance to underdeveloped countries, the responsibilities of government, communism, the Negro problem, education and housing. As a group these papers and speeches are principally a plea for a courageous and vigorous reapplication of liberal American principles to the challenging new world of today. Mr. Bowles sharply attacks neo-isolationists and all other men of narrow vision. The book is optimistic and the author gives a clear vision of the future promise of the new world and of the role America can play in its making. It is a stimulating book, though readers of Mr. Bowles' previous books may note the absence of profound analysis. But this is a different kind of book: it is a collection of prior statements designed to inspire the reader. And within his chosen limits the author has been successful. What Mr. Bowles has to say has been said by others with increasing frequency in recent years, but it does no harm to have it said again.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1962
Publisher: Harper