PUNITIVE DAMAGE by Chester M. Oksner


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An L.A. Lawyer sues the socks off a corrupt industrialist in a violent tale of revenge California Style. Crusty old inventor Charlie Wennerstrom is fighting mad. Thanks to a lot of corporate skulduggery, he's not making a dime on his handy invention for squeezing oil out of shale, an invention that's bringing in a gusher of dollars at huge Titan Overland, the oil company that's supposed to be his partner. Can one-eyed lawyer and Vietnam veteran Macdonald Abraham Oliver help? He sure can. Oliver and his trusty law clerks go digging until they find all sorts of dirt, and they nail Titan Oil to the wall. It's a bonanza for the law firm. Oliver and his partners make enough money from the case to retire forever. But Oliver's newly rich world is violently disrupted before he even gets the new tennis court in. in humiliating the oil company, Oliver also humiliated Grant Radcliffe, the evil corporate vice president who cooked up the crooked contract with crusty Charlie. The furious Radcliffe frames Oliver and takes him to court, mining Oliver's reputation and reducing him to a drunken burn. Oliver's wife leaves him. His daughter cries. But just before he reaches rock bottom, Oliver decides it's his turn for revenge. He enlists a computer wizard and the crusty inventor's luscious, brainy daughter, and together they drag the wicked Radcliffe from his pedestal and make mincemeat of Titan Oil. The going gets very gory when Oliver and Radcliffe's vicious and bald assassin go one-on-one in a deserted Titan warehouse. Macho, prime-time soap opera.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1987
Publisher: Morrow