LED BY THE SPIRIT: A Primer of Sacramental Theology by

LED BY THE SPIRIT: A Primer of Sacramental Theology

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Formidable though the title might seem, the contents of this fresh of the basic redemptive means for men is practical and intellectually satisf. It is a departure from the usual tracts on the sacraments. The intention of the author to help Catholics break away from split-level living of their faith, which segregates religion from the rest of their life, will succeed if his outline for resolution of this relegating of daily living to a lower level is followed. Not the sacraments are to be understood and used is analyzed and the need for integrating them into life is made clear. The goal is to save modern man from the ""rat race"" solutions of reaching for a pill, a drink or the analyst's . The alternative offered is to live in basic orientation to God and Christians, so that as human beings they will further appreciate the value to be derived from these channels of grace.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1965
Publisher: Bruce