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As sport memoirs go, this is topnotch tale spinning. The subject is mostly golf because Corcoran is, as the subtitle has it...Sport's Most Successful Impressario, ""The father of the professional golf tour."" As golf tours go, it is revealing -- this is not just a bread and butter letter to the sport world. He compares old and new masters, discusses style and assesses temperaments. He claims never to have had a dull day and he recounts no dull moments in the long and steady rise of the golf tours' popular appeal. The infighting and the public relations swirl that inevitably followed the money professional golf began to attract put Corcoran in the company of sport's wheeler dealers and his book is full of the stories (some genial, some cool) about how things are arranged and protected -- with names named. It's a birdie for this sort of autobiography.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce