COUNTRY GENTLEMAN by Chet & Bill Neely Atkins


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A veteran of Grand Ole Opry and all those country radio stations in Springfield and Knoxville and Raleigh that sold everything from baby chicks to plastic Jesuses, Chet Atkins was a real hick before he became a Country 'n' Western star. He's come a long way from the Tennessee holler where Dad was a foot-loose preacher and Ma and the young 'uns were dirt poor and little Chester Burton had asthma and sores from malnutrition and only an old guitar with which to bail himself out. He taught himself largely, and won third prize in an amateur show in Knoxville and soon was on the ""kerosene circuit"" 'cause most of those places didn't have no electricity. And he just kept right on playing and practicing and playing and practicing and pretty soon he was teamed up with Mabelle Carter and the girls and then he was in Nashville at hillbilly Mecca and no longer so scared and shy because just about the whole cotton pickin' country was tuning in to that down-home music. And he seems like a nice feller though not too articulate except with that there guitar.

Pub Date: May 31st, 1974
Publisher: Regnery