I KNOW A BAKER by Chika A. Iritani


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It might have made a mouth-watering display, but even as drawn in the tasteless style of this series, ""my"" visit to Uncle Dan's bakery is an eye-opener. Depicted are the several steps in making bread and the quicker process of making cakes (topped with the application of frosting and the squeezing out of HAPPY BIRTHDAY); also seen is the man who keeps the bakery clean and the ladies who serve customers (close-up: slicing bread in the machine, weighing cookies, ringing up items on the cash register); also explained are the different procedures in a large automated bakery. Watching Uncle Dan, the little boy has baked his own loaf of bread; his pleasure in having it for lunch finishes off a productive visit.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1969
Publisher: Putnam