A READER FOR PARENTS by Child Study Association of America


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Almost anybody who believes in the power of print, as well as parents, will profit from and enjoy this selection of essays, poems and excerpts from novels. The theme that ties all these together is the insight into the development of the child at various stages as gleaned from creative literature. The introduction is by Anna W.M. Wolf who also provided the commentary for each of the book's sections. The book is well organized to present the various phases of growth and personality common to most but uniquely rendered by such writers as Tolstoi, Dickens, Mann, Steffens, Bowen, Porter and many others. Not all the writers are as well known as those mentioned above, but this is sensitive selection at its best-- each writer's piece is worthy of this excellent collection. This is the kind of work that silently pushes the reader from its excerpted passages to the full book.

Publisher: Norton