HONEST ABE by Edith Kunhardt
Released: Jan. 16, 1993

"An acceptable first biography, and interesting for the art, where funds permit. (Biography/Picture book. 5-8)"
From an ``internationally known folk artist,'' a series of carefully composed images representing the most significant and/or best-known points in Lincoln's life. Read full book review >
FATHER AND SON by Denizé Lauture
Released: Jan. 13, 1993

"A lovely evocation of a companionable and spiritual relationship at its best. (Picture book. 4-8)"
A Haitian poet who's lived in the US since 1968 and an artist whose ``strong family traditions of his Gullah heritage have always been a major influence on his work'' debut in children's books with this paean to the unity between a father and son. Read full book review >

RED DANCING SHOES by Denise Lewis Patrick
Released: Jan. 8, 1993

"A likable vignette. (Picture book. 3-7)"
A child is so delighted with her new shoes that she dances around the neighborhood showing them off until she trips and gets them muddy, a calamity easily remedied with polish—a simple incident that makes a good showcase for a warmhearted African- American family depicted living in a comfortable suburb. Read full book review >
THE REAL McCOY by Wendy Towle
Released: Jan. 1, 1993

"With nothing else available on McCoy at this level, this will be useful indeed. (Biography/Picture book. 5-9)"
Concluding a commendable introduction explaining the possibly legendary origins of the eponymous expression in the prolific inventor's most successful device—an ``automatic oil cup, which eventually became standard equipment on most locomotives''—Towle states ``The story of Elijah McCoy's life presented here reflects a composite of existing information we have been able to authenticate.'' Son of former slaves, McCoy was raised in Canada, studied engineering in Scotland, then settled in Michigan, where he invented the oil cup while working as a railroad fireman (discrimination prevented employment more appropriate to his talents); he went on to patent many other inventions, including homely devices like the first portable ironing board and a lawn sprinkler, and to start his own company. Read full book review >
HUGS by Alice McLerran
by Alice McLerran, illustrated by Mary Morgan
Released: Jan. 1, 1993

"A disarming valentine of a book, for a small friend or a larger one. (Picture book. 1-5)"
An appealing pocket-sized book explores a concept that every loving parent enjoys teaching. Read full book review >

A FOX GOT MY SOX by Hilda Offen
Released: Jan. 1, 1993

"Just the thing for the toddlers' group. (Picture book. 1-5)"
The author of Nice Work, Little Wolf (p. 723) comes up with an appealing book for the youngest. Read full book review >
MOON JUMP by Paula Brown
Released: Jan. 1, 1993

"Jersey,'' they shouldn't all look like Guernseys)—but the idea is unusual, and the brightly colored, nicely designed illustrations have a merry verve. (Picture book. 4-8)"
Bearing a pole and a pack, Miss Heiferton arrives in time to draw then tenth and last turn for the moon-jumping contest. Read full book review >
translated by Tony Ross, illustrated by Tony Ross
Released: Dec. 2, 1992

"As a lighthearted modern take, though, James Marshall's delightful version (1988) is to be preferred; still, this is also acceptable, where funds permit. (Folklore/Picture Book. 4-8)"
In the manner of a parent trying to make a familiar old story more immediate, a colloquial update featuring white bears who ``had lots to eat and a color television set'' and a moptop Goldilocks in jeans. Read full book review >
THE CAT CAME BACK by Bill Slavin
adapted by Bill Slavin, illustrated by Bill Slavin
Released: Dec. 1, 1992

"Catchy tune included; good fun. (Picture book. 3-8)"
A merry song about a man who tries various extreme measures to get rid of his cat, which always manages to reappear: ``Mister Johnson gave the cat/to a man in a balloon,/He said, `Please take this cat/and leave it on the moon.'/The balloon came down about/ ninety miles away,/Where the man is now, well,/no one wants to say./And the cat came back/the very next day....'' In Slavin's energetic watercolors, the balloonist's suspenders are caught high on a tree branch, while the cat emerges from a futuristic space vehicle with a wedge of ``Moon Cheese.'' Other visual extensions of the lilting verse are equally lively and amusing; whether by stagecoach or taxi, puss always makes it back to her favorite perch as a couch potato with plenty of munchies. Read full book review >
WHERE'S MOUSE? by Alan Baker
Released: Dec. 1, 1992

"A visually pleasing book that will appeal to very young children who enjoy simple books about animals. (Picture book. 2-5)"
An accordion-fold book with peek-through pages mimicking holes (e.g., in a hollow tree) through which animal characters can be seen in a three-dimensional effect. Read full book review >
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY! by Tilde Michels
Released: Nov. 23, 1992

"Quiet, but refreshing as a summer breeze. (Picture book. 4-8)"
A childhood idyll from a well-known German author (Rabbit Spring, 1990). Read full book review >
PORKER'S TAXI by Sven Nordqvist
Released: Nov. 23, 1992

"The book's small size (6''x7'') and simple, cartoony illustrations add to the appeal. (Picture book. 3-8)"
Porker—the appealingly bulbous bear in Porker Finds a Chair (1989)—tries to use the wheelbarrow he's just found as a taxi. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Mona Eltahawy
April 28, 2015

In her debut book, Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution, Egyptian-American journalist and commentator Mona Eltahawy mounts an angry indictment of the treatment of women throughout the Arab world. Born in Egypt, she spent her childhood in London, moving with her family to Saudi Arabia when she was 15. Her shock was immediate and visceral: “It felt as though we’d moved to another planet whose inhabitants fervently wished women did not exist,” she recalls. Women could not travel, work or even go to a doctor’s appointment without male approval. We talk to Eltahawy this week on Kirkus TV about her arresting new book. View video >