The Monsterjunkies by Erik Daniel Shein
Released: March 14, 2014

"A worthy, faithful companion to the prose novels."
A graphic novel adaptation of the first Monsterjunkies (2014) YA adventure.Read full book review >
I USED TO BE AFRAID by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Released: Sept. 29, 2015

"The ingredients may be standard, but the recipe yields a fresh, new dish that's outstanding in almost every way. (Picture book. 3-6)"
Standard Seeger ingredients of careful die-cuts, lush painting, and child-centered text combine in her latest picture book. Read full book review >

Princess Katie the Brave: A Story About Living with TSC by Jennifer Flinn
Released: June 7, 2014

"An appealing introduction to TSC through a fairy-tale lens."
Schoolteachers Flinn and Fleury use a story of princes and princesses to introduce children to tuberous sclerosis complex in this child-friendly debut. Read full book review >
Seven Weeks to Forever by Jennifer Farwell
Released: Jan. 8, 2015

"Appealing characters and a warm, sparkly love story tinged with wish fulfillment."
In this YA paranormal romance, a teenage girl has just a few weeks to live—and now a handsome stranger needs her help or he'll die too. Read full book review >
Longer Than Forevermore by Martha Sears West
written and illustrated by Martha Sears West
Released: Dec. 1, 2013

"This book's straightforward rhythm and appealing illustrations will likely make it a favorite of parents and young children.
A children's picture book that presents a story within a story about the enduring nature of love. Read full book review >

The Phoenix Rising by Phenice Arielle
Released: Dec. 26, 2013

"A smart, thrilling story of a dangerous and mystical adventure."
In Arielle's debut YA novel, a New York University journalism student discovers the truth about her mysterious past while visiting Africa. Read full book review >
The Midnight Spy by Kiki Hamilton
Released: July 26, 2015

"Compelling characters, riveting tension, and rich, complex worldbuilding make this a must-read for fantasy fans."
Hamilton (The Faerie Queen, 2014) launches a planned YA historical fantasy series driven by a strong heroine, intrigue, mystery, and a little bit of romance.Read full book review >
THE CROW'S TALE by Naomi Howarth
Released: Oct. 1, 2015

"A heartfelt debut. (Picture book/folk tale. 5-8)"
Colorful and eye-catching artwork accompanies this rhyming story of bravery and kindness. Read full book review >
O.K. is Great by David Tiefenthaler
Released: May 22, 2015

"This well-observed, funny book for middle schoolers scores high marks for the true-to-life observations, trials, and successes of its lively 12-year-old protagonist."
A spirited 12-year-old thinks he'll never be anything but average until he recognizes his own gifts in this witty and wise novel for middle schoolers from a first-time author/illustrator. Read full book review >
SPACE CREATURES by Barbara Weisberg
Released: Feb. 14, 2015

"An intriguing picture book with an abstract theme and illustrations that invite young readers to reimagine themselves as citizens of the planet."
A boy describes his identity as an Earthling in this clever, enchantingly illustrated picture book by veteran author Weisberg (Talking to the Dead, 2005, etc.) and artist Arnold. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 15, 2015

"Similar in tone and feel to Young Frank, Architect (2013), this companion acts as both promotion for the MoMA and an encouragement to budding artists to think outside the box and pursue their dreams. (Picture book. 7-10)"
Tiny, bespectacled Charlotte is a young filmmaker who has discovered the joy of black-and-white cinematography. Read full book review >
THE FIRST FLUTE by David Bouchard
Released: Oct. 1, 2015

"If a bit patchwork, the package is still powerful. (Picture book/folk tale. 8-12)"
As he has in the past, Bouchard (The Song within My Heart, 2015, etc.) joins talents with a multicultural team, in this case New Zealand-American illustrator Oelze, Kalapuya flautist Jan Michael Looking Wolf, and Dakota translator Goodwill, to present an uplifting tale. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Sara Paretsky
author of BRUSH BACK
July 28, 2015

No one would accuse V. I. Warshawski of backing down from a fight, but there are a few she’d be happy to avoid. High on that list is tangling with Chicago political bosses. Yet that’s precisely what she ends up doing when she responds to Frank Guzzo’s plea for help in Brush Back, the latest thriller from bestselling author Sara Paretsky. For six stormy weeks back in high school, V.I. thought she was in love with Frank. He broke up with her, she went off to college, he started driving trucks for Bagby Haulage. She forgot about him until the day his mother was convicted of bludgeoning his kid sister, Annie, to death. Stella Guzzo was an angry, uncooperative prisoner and did a full 25 years for her daughter’s murder. Newly released from prison, Stella is looking for exoneration, so Frank asks V.I. for help. “Paretsky, who plots more conscientiously than anyone else in the field, digs deep, then deeper, into past and present until all is revealed,” our reviewer writes. View video >