EUREKA! by John Grant
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"Culturally blinkered but refreshingly opinionated and not without a few pleasant surprises. (index) (Collective biography. 12-16)"
A lively parade of cranks, mystics, rebels, obsessives, and geniuses, humble or otherwise, whose discoveries and insights shaped today's science and technology. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"Romance trumps industry detail in this fashion follow-up. (Romance. 14-18)"
Two fashion models in New York City try not to fall in love but can't help it—yet secrets from the past might tear them apart. Read full book review >

WHATEVER. by S.J. Goslee
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"A humorous account of a teen's reluctant and awkward journey to acceptance of his emerging bisexuality. (Fiction. 14-18)"
With a close-knit group of guy friends, a cool girlfriend, and few worries, Mike's junior year is off to a great start. Until it isn't. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"A charming, at times brutally funny peek inside a slacker's mind. (Fiction. 14-18)"
A pot-smoking slacker with a habit of writing half-songs meets his long-lost father in this droll, moving novel. Read full book review >
THE WELL OF PRAYERS by Anne Boles Levy
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"A jumble of inconsistent plot, by-the-numbers romance, artless characters, and muddled theme. (Fantasy. 14-16)"
The sequel to The Temple of Doubt (2015) further explores the conflict among the god Nihil, the magic-wielding Azwans, and narrator Hadara. Read full book review >

Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"A worthwhile, chilling novel that makes demands of its audience and rewards them richly in return. (Fiction. 14-18)"
Alternating narrators tell the story of a day in April when school shootings coordinated in an internet forum occur in various locations across the country. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"A poignant window and mirror into the lives of families affected by a health disorder. (Fiction. 11-14)"
For eighth-grader Noah, juggling school, friends, and hormones would be simple enough. Unfortunately, there is also the Thing We Don't Talk About, which looms over his family life. Read full book review >
A WEEK OF MONDAYS by Jessica Brody
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"Solidly nonsmutty fare for readers who want to imagine they can get it right too. (Romance. 12-16)"
With school pictures, a history pop quiz, a speech in front of the student body, and varsity softball tryouts, Ellie, a junior, finds herself repeating the same maddening day until she gets it right. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"The adventure, possibility, and closure that wrap up the mystery-driven, music-fueled Exile series will leave fans satisfied and hopeful. (Fiction. 14-17)"
Dangerheart band manager Summer has just revealed a secret to Caleb, her boyfriend and the band's lead singer, that turns his world inside out; once again, there is a twist regarding the presumed-to-be-dead rock star Eli White, who is also father to Caleb and Dangerheart bassist Val. Read full book review >
THE SMALLER EVIL by Stephanie Kuehn
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"Rich prose and a complex main character salvage this suspenseful but less-than-satisfying mystery. (Thriller. 14-18)"
Strange occurrences at a secluded self-help retreat threaten 17-year-old Arman's already fragile mental health Read full book review >
RECREATED by Colleen Houck
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"An overlong ramble through Egyptian lore—and it ain't over yet. (Paranormal romance. 14-18)"
The romance between an immortal Egyptian and a modern 17-year-old now ventures into the underworld. Read full book review >
CROW SMARTS by Pamela S. Turner
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"An otherwise fine entry in the long-running Scientists in the Field Series. (Nonfiction. 10-14)"
New Caledonian crows demonstrate that they both use and produce tools. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Jennifer Keishin Armstrong
author of SEINFELDIA
August 22, 2016

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong’s new bestseller Seinfeldia is the hilarious behind-the-scenes story of two guys who went out for coffee and dreamed up Seinfeld —the cultural sensation that changed television and bled into the real world. Comedians Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld never thought anyone would watch their silly little sitcom about a New York comedian sitting around talking to his friends. NBC executives didn’t think anyone would watch either, but they bought it anyway, hiding it away in the TV dead zone of summer. But against all odds, viewers began to watch, first a few and then many, until nine years later nearly 40 million Americans were tuning in weekly. In Seinfeldia, TV historian and entertainment writer Armstrong celebrates the creators and fans of this American television phenomenon, bringing readers behind-the-scenes of the show while it was on the air and into the world of devotees for whom it never stopped being relevant, a world where the Soup Nazi still spends his days saying “No soup for you!” “Armstrong’s intimate, breezy history is full of gossipy details, show trivia, and insights into how famous episodes came to be,” our reviewer writes. “Perfect for Seinfeldians and newcomers alike.” View video >