THE GIRL IN THE PICTURE by Alexandra Monir
Released: Dec. 13, 2016

"Readers' credulity seems to be the required element to enjoy this messed-up mystery. (Mystery. 12-18)"
A murder mystery with a paranormal twist. Read full book review >
CLANCY OF THE UNDERTOW by Christopher Currie
Released: Dec. 13, 2016

"Funny, gritty, absorbing, and occasionally depressing, this is an intriguing if occasionally melodramatic glimpse of a young Australian woman's coming-of-age. (Fiction. 14-18)"
An Australian teen copes with poverty and family problems as she fumbles toward acceptance of her lesbianism. Read full book review >

Released: Dec. 13, 2016

"A quirky, cleareyed enchantment. More like this, please! (Mystery. 10-14)"
A biracial (Chinese/white) Australian girl unravels art-historical and familial mysteries at a relative's estate in rural Spain. Read full book review >
ALL HEART by Carli Lloyd
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"Not for lovers of soccer only: readers after inspiration to keep playing, regardless of the odds, will find plenty here. (photos, index) (Memoir. 10-14)"
Writing with sports journalist Coffey, Lloyd presents a play-by-play recap of her progress from elementary school soccer novice to World Cup player and winner of 2015's FIFA Golden Ball and Silver Boot. Read full book review >
LIFE IN MOTION by Misty Copeland
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"As Copeland fiercely reminds herself, 'This is for the little brown girls'—and any reader in need of inspiration. (Biography. 11-16)"
A ballet milestone was reached when Copeland was named the first African-American principal ballerina at American Ballet Theater. Read full book review >

STORMWALKER by Mike Revell
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"An active and compassionate middle-grade primer on overcoming grief. (Fantasy. 10-14)"
After a 12-year-old British boy's mum dies of leukemia, he finds himself teleported into the novel that his writer father has created to address his own grief. Read full book review >
MIND GAMES by Heather W. Petty
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"A surprise twist sets up the cracker of a cliffhanger. (Thriller. 12-15)"
The adventures of a modern Holmes and a girl Moriarty, begun in Lock & Mori (2015), continue. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"A deeply unsettling portrait of love, psychological abuse, and the hell of good intentions. (Fiction. 13-18)"
Fifteen-year-old American Rosemary, desperate to escape her mother, poses as an art student to find a new family in France. Read full book review >
SPLIT THE SUN by Tessa Elwood
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"The more intriguing aspects of this story are drowned out by the side-show melodrama. (Science fiction. 13-18)"
Kit Franks has inherited a legacy of trouble from her terrorist mother in this companion to Inherit the Stars (2015). Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"Perhaps a tad longer than necessary, this generally well-paced post-legend take on the Robin Hood myth will captivate action and adventure fans and lovers of historical fiction alike. (Historical fiction. 10-14)"
A young novice nun wrongfully accused of Robin Hood's murder must clear her name. Read full book review >
ASTRONOMY LAB FOR KIDS by Michelle Nichols
Released: Dec. 5, 2016

"This well-thought-out collection includes many demonstrations familiar to science educators as well as some surprising and engaging new ones; it should be a welcome addition to any school, public, or home science library. (Nonfiction. 8-14)"
Explore the science of astronomy through hands-on activities! Read full book review >
EVERYDAY MAGIC by Emily Albright
Released: Dec. 2, 2016

"It's telling that the most-uttered word is filler: 'um.' Skip it. (Romance. 13-17)"
The daughter of a Hollywood director juggles her real feelings for a charming English aristocrat and a forced publicity-stunt romance with a movie star. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Kathleen Kent
author of THE DIME
February 20, 2017

Dallas, Texas is not for the faint of heart. Good thing for Betty Rhyzyk she's from a family of take-no-prisoners Brooklyn police detectives. But in Kathleen Kent’s new novel The Dime, her Big Apple wisdom will only get her so far when she relocates to The Big D, where Mexican drug cartels and cult leaders, deadbeat skells and society wives all battle for sunbaked turf. Betty is as tough as the best of them, but she's deeply shaken when her first investigation goes sideways. Battling a group of unruly subordinates, a persistent stalker, a formidable criminal organization, and an unsupportive girlfriend, the unbreakable Detective Betty Rhyzyk may be reaching her limit. “Violent, sexy, and completely absorbing,” our critic writes in a starred review. “Kent's detective is Sam Spade reincarnated—as a brilliant, modern woman.” View video >