EMMY & OLIVER by Robin Benway
Released: June 23, 2015

"As a portrait of the emerging adolescent, it engages, even if it gives the effects of the kidnapping on its victim short shrift. (Fiction. 12-18)"
A girl loses her best friend when he's kidnapped by his father at 7 and must cope when he returns 10 years later. Read full book review >
THE LEVELLER by Julia Durango
Released: June 23, 2015

"Smooth entertainment equally likely to appeal to both gamers and nongamers. (Science fiction. 13-17)"
Teens want to escape into virtual worlds, where they can remake themselves into gorgeous and heroic avatars; parents want their kids to pay more attention to homework and chores. This book is for both camps. Read full book review >

THE DUNGEONEERS by John David Anderson
Released: June 23, 2015

"Readers may well feel that the wait in between battles and heists feels a little too much like school. (Fantasy. 8-12)"
Even a school for rogues is, at its core, a school. Read full book review >
by Lev Rosen, illustrated by Ellis Rosen
Released: June 23, 2015

"Appealing and pleasingly thoughtful. (Fiction. 9-12)"
A cliff-top river town, subterranean tunnels, and gearwork essentials figure in an intriguing steampunk fantasy. Read full book review >
THE RULES by Nancy Holder
Released: June 23, 2015

"There aren't clues enough to make this a mystery, but thriller fans should enjoy it. (Thriller. 12-18)"
A superrich but neglected teen mourns his equally shy sister and decides to get revenge on the teens he blames for her death. Read full book review >

THE WAND & THE SEA by Claire M. Caterer
Released: June 23, 2015

"Generic. (Fantasy. 8-12)"
Holly returns to the alternate realm that she can only reach from a holiday cottage. Read full book review >
Released: June 18, 2015

"This entry in the stuffed paranormal-romance genre refreshingly lacks passive angst. (Fantasy. 11-14)"
In a fantasyland desert, one girl's encounter with her gods is both dangerous and romantic. Read full book review >
Released: June 16, 2015

"There's never a dull moment in the Cornwallis household—nor one not rich with love and laughter. Fans of Binny for Short (2013) will welcome this second chance to look in on the commotion. (Fiction. 11-13)"
Newly arrived in a small Cornish town, 12-year-old Binny Cornwallis struggles to find her footing as disasters and mysteries pile up inexorably. Read full book review >
EVERY LAST WORD by Tamara Ireland Stone
Released: June 16, 2015

"Clueless meets Dead Poets Society with a whopping final twist. (Fiction. 12-18)"
Spa days. VIP concert tickets. The envy of the girls in the lunchroom. Sixteen-year-old Samantha and her friends, the Crazy Eights, have it all—at least, that's what Samantha has always let everyone believe. Read full book review >
BLOOD WILL TELL by April Henry
Released: June 16, 2015

"A sturdy if formulaic mystery. (Mystery. 12-16)"
A teenage sleuth becomes the prime suspect in a heinous murder case in Portland, Oregon. Read full book review >
MOTHMAN'S CURSE by Christine Hayes
Released: June 16, 2015

"An ectoplasmic extravaganza…tailor-made for reading beneath the bedcovers. (Suspense. 10-12)"
Ghostly portents and horrifying visions drive two children to desperate efforts to avert an impending catastrophe in this debut chiller. Read full book review >
Released: June 16, 2015

"A brilliantly conceived page-turner. (Speculative fiction. 13-17)"
In a Bronx neighborhood of the near future, it's no secret that at least one person has taken advantage of the Leteo Institute's new medical procedure that promises "cutting-edge memory-relief." Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Sara Paretsky
author of BRUSH BACK
July 28, 2015

No one would accuse V. I. Warshawski of backing down from a fight, but there are a few she’d be happy to avoid. High on that list is tangling with Chicago political bosses. Yet that’s precisely what she ends up doing when she responds to Frank Guzzo’s plea for help in Brush Back, the latest thriller from bestselling author Sara Paretsky. For six stormy weeks back in high school, V.I. thought she was in love with Frank. He broke up with her, she went off to college, he started driving trucks for Bagby Haulage. She forgot about him until the day his mother was convicted of bludgeoning his kid sister, Annie, to death. Stella Guzzo was an angry, uncooperative prisoner and did a full 25 years for her daughter’s murder. Newly released from prison, Stella is looking for exoneration, so Frank asks V.I. for help. “Paretsky, who plots more conscientiously than anyone else in the field, digs deep, then deeper, into past and present until all is revealed,” our reviewer writes. View video >